We are located in Logrono (Spain), is a Spanish municipality of 151 344 inhabitants, capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja,

The city, bathed by the river Ebro, is home to almost half the population of the entire region. Located in the north of Spain, it has historically been a place of passage and border, and is still today a meeting point, a reference point and a crossroads of roads. The most famous street, the Way of St. James of Compostela, leads to the discovery of the pilgrims of distant countries, Logroño, entering the city from the bridge over the river Ebro.

The city organizes a festival in a large prairie that flanked by this wonderful river makes everything much more suggestive here too we managed to represent Italy with great success to the point of recalling the attentions of local media.

Always the protagonists of the fireworks show of this wonderful event.