We are located in Blanes (Spain), a town of 40.047 inhabitants located in the community of Catalonia.

The “costa brava” starts at blanes, which reaches the border with France, and it is precisely for this reason that the city is called the Port of the Costa Brava.

“Costa Brava”it takes its name from its high and rugged and prevalently rocky coasts and this is precisely the stage of this magnificent festival.

To create the most suggestive atmosphere is a huge rock that divides the beach in half ‘where the companies participating in the festival will compete to create sets and simulations of fire.

The public will be on both sides and this makes the work of the technicians still difficult because it will guarantee both parties a symmetrical show and it will be even more fun for those will be there to enjoy the show

Fireworks Lieto manages to conquer the festival organizers to the point of being invited several times and successfully succeed to always guarantee spectacle and emotions.

Always the protagonists of the fireworks show of this wonderful event.